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Pablo & Fuzzy love to cuddle.
Cristina Limbo, Owner Snip-its Hair Salon
Erika "babysat" our poms for us while we were on vacation, and she was wonderful. Fuji, who is a 4 year old rescue, is very skittish around new people, but Erika persevered and managed to earn his trust enough to enable her to give him his seizure medication twice a day. She also took special care of our 16 year old who requires an IV fluid drip and liver meds twice a day. It was a great comfort to know that our babies were being cared for as lovingly and dilligently as if we were home with them. After a not-so-positive experience with a kennel, we knew that home care was the only option for us. Erika was able to take care of all of our poms' needs and then some. She even sent us picture messages of the dogs doing what they do best....sleeping. We continue to use Erika's services and have recommended her to all of our friends.
Gianna Cerdeniola, Student
My dog, Boo, is a nervous biter. He snaps at people all the time. He even snaps at me when he feels like it. It usually takes him a while to warm up to strangers which makes him difficult to deal with. I am a full-time student with a part-time job and my parents work all day, leaving Boo at home alone, with no one to feed him or to let him out. None of my friends will look after him because of his biting problem. And then I met Erika. She agreed to keep an eye on him during the day and I no longer had to worry about my dog going hungry or getting bored. I could tell he was in good hands. Plus, she always kept me posted about things they did (eg. walks, training, etc). We haven't been with Erika very long, but I'm happy and at the same time relieved, that she has already managed to establish a bond with Boo. I commend her for her patience with him and consider myself very lucky to have found her!
Michelle Jenab, Lawyer
Erika has taken care of my two furry kids on numerous occasions and was phenomenal. She is extremely sensitive to animals' needs, attentive and reliable. I highly recommend her and thoroughly trust her! She also has tons of experience with animals who have medical needs and has a very gentle touch when handling special cases.
CC & Fuji lounging on the couch.
Boo begs for attention.
Our names are Calliope and Madison, and Erika is our pet sitter. When our mom Judi, goes away, Erika takes really good care of us. 
Madison says: 
"Calliope is very difficult. She needs asthma medication through 2 inhalers and cream put in her ears – twice a day! But, Erika is amazing with her and after she gives her all that stuff, she gets treats and played with!! I don't think she deserves it because she is so hard to take care of. But, Erika loves her and treats her like her own kitty. What's up with that? And when Calli misbehaves because she gets nervous with mom away, Erika is so patient with her."
Calliope says: 
"Madison thinks she is perfect, because she doesn't need medication! Erika feeds her and cleans up her litter, and pretty Madison gets played with and given treats! It's not like she has to take medicine, so why does she get treats??? I don't think that it's fair that Madison gets equal attention, but Erika says in our house all the kitties are fun and really cute (she has obviously never seen Madison without her makeup)."
Now we let mom talk:
Judi says: 
"It is so easy for me to go away now that I have found Erika. She took careful notes before the first visit and has an impressive knowledge of pet psychology and great intuition about animals. She comes by twice a day and takes care of my babies. She brings in the mail, switches on and off lamps and is so neat and clean, that when I get home, the house is more immaculate then when I left! Calliope can be difficult because she does not like to take her medicine but Erika perseveres with her and they somehow manage to make it work (but not because Callli makes it easy for her!) Erika also sends me emails every day to let me know that Calli got her meds and that everybody is doing okay here. I love the fact that my pets do not need to be boarded and are so much happier in their home environment. I am also secure in the knowledge that if there was an emergency she would take Calli and Madison to the vet if necessary, and that is very reassuring. 
I highly recommend Erika to any pet owner. She is incredibly responsive, a great communicator and truly loves my cats (almost as much as I do). I don't think you will find another pet sitter as caring and professional as Erika at Erika's Thoughtful Paws."

Judi Marash, Writer
Beautiful Calli
Sassy Girl Madi
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